DIY parrot cage
Do-it-yourself parrot cage: what materials are needed, how to arrange it
Making a parrot cage with your own hands is much easier than it seems at first glance. Appears
When and how often can a budgie be released from its cage?
Open windows Many people leave open windows to ventilate the room, which is especially important in
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What to do if a parrot's beak begins to bend?
Home Parrot Frequently asked questions 04/22/2019 The beak plays a very important role in the life of a parrot. WITH
Communication between two Gouldian finches
Cage for finches: 4 requirements for arranging a home for a parrot
A spacious cage for finches will allow birds to lead an active lifestyle without the risk of injury
Care and maintenance of a gray parrot at home
What does a Gray parrot look like? Gray is one of the largest parrots kept in
How to bathe a parrot: preparation, process and training for bathing
Basic methods for taming a budgie to bathe
In nature, budgies bathe whenever they want: they take a “shower” when it rains, splash in
Often, many owners feed parrots food
Other diseases Can parrots have a peeling beak and what to do about it?
Features of treatment for hormonal imbalance If budgies develop growths, this is often
The parrot should be released from the cage only after an adaptation period
In free flight: releasing a budgie from its cage
First walk You should let your parrot fly after he gets used to you and
Outdoor aviary
An aviary for parrots: why is it needed, choice, production and arrangement
To keep parrots you need a spacious and comfortable home, especially for large birds or
What is a play stand for a parrot, a review of the best models and how to make it yourself
Budgerigars are very active creatures, so keeping them in a cage all the time is not recommended.
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