Budgerigars are easy to care for
Parrot at home: the pros and cons of purchasing and maintaining it
Today, the variety of birds in pet stores and pet markets can be dizzying. And, for example,
Funny, funny, cute and talkative budgies
Bright and colorful appearance, ability to copy and imitate, high mental abilities - it’s not surprising
DIY toys for parrots
How to choose educational and sports toys for budgies
In this article we will review accessories for parrots by type of purpose, and consider which toys
Why do parrots bite and how to stop a bird from doing so?
Is aggressive behavior considered a deviation? In nature, parrots use their beaks not only during
Corella parrot school - learning to speak, sing and dance
Fans of exotic pet parrots often prefer Corella. And no wonder: the pet is distinguished by its beauty and
Photo: garden beth
The character and behavior of budgerigars at home
Parrots are very interesting and mischievous creatures and watching them brings a lot of pleasure,
Parrot on a branch
Bird thinking: do parrots understand what they are talking about?
Surely each of you would like your feathered pet to learn as quickly as possible
Cockatiel chick
Features of caring and feeding cockatiel chicks at home
Even those who have bred parrots for a long time and with pleasure may not know all the features
Photo: webandi
What do parrots eat in the wild and at home?
The desire to pamper your feathered friends with some special treat is a completely normal desire. The main thing is not
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How to teach a budgie to talk correctly and quickly
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