quaker parrot
Monk parrot: appearance, maintenance, reproduction
Description of the parrot Appearance Quakers are classified as medium-sized parrots. The body length of an adult bird is approx.
Corella parrot
Corella parrot: boy or girl - who to choose
Pros and cons of keeping a cockatiel at home Keeping any pet involves both
maybe, parrot, carrots
Vegetables and fruits for a budgie: what is possible? 
What else can you give? Useful for lovebirds and other birds kept at home,
fruit holders for parrots
The parrot does not eat fruit - what does the pet's strange behavior indicate?
Pet lovers often make feathered friends, among which is a very popular species -
parrot and tangerines
Cockatiel nutrition. Diet. What can and cannot be given.
Packaged and ready-to-eat bird food, although a good basis for the diet, is
Detailed description of budgerigar body language
Studying the body language of parrots Parrots are often chosen as the first feathered pets. Its own logic in
Homyakam.Ru – pet care
Sand for parrots: what is it for, and which one to choose?
Home Parrot Arrangement 05/14/2019 Poultry owners sometimes use special sand for their parrots. It is known
parrot corella nymph
Do female Corellas talk? Can they be taught to speak?
The Corella parrot is considered a unique bird that can be kept at home. Nature has rewarded them with amazing
Grapes on a parrot's daily menu - can birds eat berries?
Feeding a parrot can be a fun task if you know what you're doing. We all love
What fruits can you give to a parrot | how to teach a parrot to eat fruit
What fruits can you give to a parrot | how to teach a parrot to eat fruit
Under natural conditions, parrots eat a variety of foods. They get complex carbohydrates from grains, which
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