DIY parrot cage
Do-it-yourself parrot cage: what materials are needed, how to arrange it
Making a parrot cage with your own hands is much easier than it seems at first glance. Appears
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What to do if a parrot cannot lay an egg and how to help the bird
Home Parrot Frequently asked questions 09.16.2019 Most female parrots lay eggs several times during their lives.
Finches birds. Description, features, types, lifestyle and habitat of finches
Description and features Passeriformes are the species to which the bird we are considering belongs. Birds
Budgerigars are easy to care for
Parrot at home: the pros and cons of purchasing and maintaining it
Today, the variety of birds in pet stores and pet markets can be dizzying. And, for example,
Corella parrot: description, habitat, lifestyle, reproduction
Types of parrots. Descriptions, names and features of parrots
Fans of exotic birds especially appreciate the small, cute Corella parrot with a crest on its head.
When and how often can a budgie be released from its cage?
Open windows Many people leave open windows to ventilate the room, which is especially important in
Molting in budgies: why does a parrot molt
Many novice owners of budgerigars, when they first encounter molting in their pets,
cockatoo parrots
Cockatoo parrots: reviews, photos. How long do cockatoos live?
The cockatoo parrot belongs to the parrot order, which, by the way, is one of the most popular among
Diapers for parrots - what are they for and how to use them?
346 no comments 0 Author: Smirnov Alexey. Reading time: 1 minute What is it
My budgie has been sick for a very long time and I can’t cure it.
Budgerigars can often be found in houses and apartments. Many believe that they are
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