Features of the internal structure of a budgerigar
Diseases of budgies The lion's share of diseases of budgies is a consequence of improper maintenance, insufficient care,
quaker parrot
Monk parrot: appearance, maintenance, reproduction
Description of the parrot Appearance Quakers are classified as medium-sized parrots. The body length of an adult bird is approx.
Parrot menu
Let's look at the reasons why a budgie doesn't fly
Causes Birds can also be susceptible to diseases. If the parrot has become lethargic, this is a sign that he is
Funny, funny, cute and talkative budgies
Bright and colorful appearance, ability to copy and imitate, high mental abilities - it’s not surprising
Nest for budgies: everything about arranging a nesting house
Bird nests for budgies are created or purchased when the desire arises
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What to do if a parrot's beak begins to bend?
Home Parrot Frequently asked questions 04/22/2019 The beak plays a very important role in the life of a parrot. WITH
Corella parrot
Corella parrot: boy or girl - who to choose
Pros and cons of keeping a cockatiel at home Keeping any pet involves both
Communication between two Gouldian finches
Cage for finches: 4 requirements for arranging a home for a parrot
A spacious cage for finches will allow birds to lead an active lifestyle without the risk of injury
The parrot shows signs of being unwell
How to treat a parrot? We learn to give medicine into the beak.
Sometimes there is a situation when your pet is sick, refuses to eat, or you need to feed a weakened
Does a budgie's tail grow back if it is torn out?
Will a parrot's tail grow back if it is torn off? Parrots often suffer from their curiosity.
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